Free Poker

Poker players seeking to enjoy some fun online have undoubtedly come across the concept of 'free poker rooms'. These sites offer the user the chance to play poker without investing a single cent. Free credits are given to play the poker games on offer and the main reason players seek out these sites is to practice, study poker strategy and often just to have some fun.

Free poker rooms work very much in the same way that real-money poker rooms do, without the need to deposit funds into an account at the beginning of your gaming sessions. Some sites require registration, while others offer browser-based poker games that are available instantly, at the click of a mouse. The player can try out interactive games with other players from all around the world and having winning poker fun. You will be given virtual money to play with and you will be allowed to play against others and build up your virtual bankroll.

Some free poker rooms run regular free roll sit and go tournaments, which essentially allow you to bid for the prize pool without risking any of your own bankroll. These tournaments are held 24/7 and are an excellent way to play with any initial expense whatsoever.

You may be wondering why free poker rooms exist and how they manage to survive. After all, the prize pools in the free roll sit and go tournaments are put up by the poker rooms and it costs money to run a site. The answer lies in the fact that these free poker rooms have other means in which to cover their costs. For example, there is nothing wrong with making money by drawing advertisers to these free poker rooms, thereby creating a win-win situation. Players benefit from online poker at no cost. In return they are exposed to links to poker sites and advertisers benefit from player traffic, allowing real money poker rooms to bring in new members. In addition, free poker rooms act as an affiliate to real money poker rooms by collecting player information and sending out newsletters. Running a free poker room also contributes to the creation of a good will community, where players can come together to have fun and become part of an intimate group of poker fans.

Many top poker rooms such as Everest Poker and Poker Stars also offer their players the opportunity to play all the games offered on the site for free. These sites know that if players become familiar with the games they may very well convert to real money gaming at some point. Of course, there is no commitment required by the player, who could, theoretically, play for as long as he or she wants, without ever investing a single dollar at the poker room. The chances are, however, that once the bug bites and players see the lucrative bonuses and massive prize pools just waiting to be grabbed, they will also want to get a taste of the real action. Most poker rooms offer minimum table limits so that even the most budget-conscious player can enjoy real-money play and win at poker.

The advantages of playing at a free poker room are endless. For one, there is the obvious benefit on your bankroll. You can have ongoing poker fun without ever needing to pay for it. Secondly, this is the perfect way for new players to become familiar with the game, the odds involved and the different versions in the market. Practicing without the pressure of knowing that your bankroll is slowly running out is possibly the best way to go about it. Thankfully, there are many free online poker rooms out there just waiting to be discovered.