Online Poker Sites

The internet poker boom has given birth not only to online poker sites, but to a host of other electronic media associated with the game. Poker fans can access a host of poker resources via the web in the form of affiliate sites, poker blogs and online poker portals. Each offers players valuable training materials and the latest information on the best sites to play poker at.

In recent years, the affiliate market has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the online poker industry. A poker affiliate site is simply a third party site that directs traffic to a poker site and receives a commission in return for its services. While the affiliate business is a useful way for many website operators to make extra money, affiliate sites are also beneficial to the average poker fan. As well as providing a link to an online poker site, the poker site normally operate with a site providing poker affiliate program, a poker webmaster can sign up and pick different revenue sharing options and use the marketing material from the site. Affiliate sites offer valuable information that can influence the way a poker online fan approaches his game.

It is in a poker affiliate's best interest to make his site as attractive and as useful as possible to poker fans, in order to ensure that they return and bring new traffic with them. The way a site becomes popular is by the value of the information it offers. Affiliate sites that provide advice on poker strategies, poker tips and the latest news on bonuses and promotions at poker sites will be more successful than those sites that offer little information. These sites can be used by fans intent on winning poker to improve their knowledge of the game and to keep abreast with all the latest developments in the online poker world.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with affiliate sites. Many players resent the fact that affiliates earn a commission purely for directing traffic. Often the poker site will reward the affiliate with a percentage of a player's losses for the duration that the player remains a member of the site. Another drawback is that some less than scrupulous affiliates give many in the industry a bad name by taking a percentage of each player's rake back fee from the online poker site. These factors can deter a player from using an affiliate site, preferring instead to use a search engine for the purpose of finding new sites to play and win poker at.

While it is true that some affiliate sites should be avoided, most poker portals, blogs and appreciation sites are hugely beneficial to online poker players and are run by die-hard fans of the game. Many portals offer free tutorials and tips from experienced poker pros that can help novice players improve their games. Some even provide free poker software that players can download and practice their skills on in at no risk. Players can find special bonus promotion codes from selected poker sites here that can earn them extra casino credits, as well as recommendations and reviews of safe and trustworthy online poker sites to play at.

Blogs offer first hand accounts of other players' experiences. These can be useful for player preparing for tournaments or looking to move from low stake games to more competitive tables. Most blogs provide feedback facilities where players can ask questions and have some of their poker dilemmas solved by more experienced fans. Advice on the best poker rooms and on those that should be avoided can also be found on a poker blog.

Players new to the online poker industry should familiarise themselves with the above-mentioned sites and are encouraged to take advantage of the information they offer. Even the most experienced online poker fans can benefit from the advice and support offered by fellow poker fans.