Poker Club

Membership with a poker club is an attractive prospect for many players. The benefits of club membership, along with the special introductory offers associated with it, are highly sought after in the online poker world. That's why a large number of online poker rooms offer exclusive membership and special promotions to new and returning players.

Club membership is one area where online poker rooms really trump live casino establishments. Generally, online poker sites offer a far larger number of promotional offers and gifts via poker club membership than a player can find in a land-based casino. Clubs also welcome new players and encourage their members to improve their skills by offering free games, advice and more. Many even create social opportunities where online poker fans can share their passion, tips, winning strategies and more with each other.

Players can achieve special membership status at poker clubs. VIP status at many of the industry's top online poker sites comes with free entry into competitions and regular sweepstakes where players can win vacations, vehicles and luxury consumer items. Club membership can also help online poker fans accrue extra points, which can be redeemed for casino cash or entry into the site's online poker tournaments.

As well as the incentives associated with poker club membership, players can also benefit from the high level of support offered by poker sites to their valued members. Many poker sites pride themselves on the customer service they offer to their VIP players - some even offer a personal point of contact for all gaming related issues. These programs are often run in partnership with other sites, so players have the opportunity of achieving VIP status at several sites belonging to one online poker firm.