Rake Back

In order to understand how to take advantage of a rake back promotion, it is important to learn what a rake is. A rake is a fee that an internet poker site charges for each game that it hosts. These are charged on ring games but forfeited on tournaments, where buy-in fees are paid by each player that participates. In short, a poker rake is a type of commission charged for putting on a poker event.

Generally most online poker rooms charge a rake fee of approximately ten percent of the value of the pot in a poker game. The higher the stakes in a game of poker, the higher the online poker rake will be. However, there are many games in which the poker room does not charge a rake. For example, in games where all players fold before the flop takes place no rake is charged. In other games where players compete for low stakes, the online poker room may take as little as a dollar rake fee from each game.

A rake back on the other hand, is when the online poker room returns the rake fee to the player. With a rake back deal, the player receives a generous percentage of the fees he has paid to participate in ring games. Part of this money is returned back from the poker room. The common standard currently in place by some of the industry's major poker sites is to return between 25 to 30 percent of a player's rake back fees.

However, rake back deals are not usually administered directly by the poker room. Instead, a poker fan must sign up with a third party, usually an online poker affiliate, to be eligible to receive his rake fees back. While this may seem prohibitive and suggests that many players are not likely to receive rake backs in cash, they can then put their rake backs into future games of poker and benefit from increased cash flow.