Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is paid out by online poker sites to encourage new players to sign up for membership. This type of bonus was devised to increase the number of players frequenting online poker rooms. It acts as an introductory offer to attract first-time poker players, along with experienced or novice players seeking a change from their regular poker room. Very often a welcome bonus is a no strings attached sum of money offered as a one-time welcome gift to all the new players that sign up for an account.

A welcome bonus is usually paid into a player's online casino account, enabling them to play more poker for less initial investment. Some online poker rooms even award welcome bonuses to players before they are required to make any type of commitment or initial deposit. These bonuses range from free casino cash to automatic entry into a poker site's competitions, poker club and/or online tournaments.

In recent years, the competition between online poker rooms has resulted in highly generous welcome bonuses being paid out to new players. This has meant that many players have signed up with multiple online poker sites, and moved on to new rooms when the welcome bonuses present an opportunity too good to pass up. Unlike the live casino market where players are more likely to become regulars at one or a couple of local casinos, the online player may belong to several different online poker rooms and operate active casino accounts at all of them.

This is because the opportunity to gain extra casino cash simply by playing a game of poker at a new site creates a high level of movement in the online poker industry. Many players make the most of their initial bonus but then may not come back. This is why most professional poker sites offer a range of loyalty bonuses in conjunction with the welcome bonus to entice customers to sign up and stay. If you would like to find a live example, take a look at the carbon poker bonus code and normally such coupon code would have its own terms for the play. You might notice the following on their coupon code page: "The games listed below are considered to be side games, Comp points earned from these games are NOT counted towards clearing your bonus."