Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Your poker hand has been played well. You are in the game and reading the action well. You are holding four kings. You have kept your opponent off your victory scent. The showdown reveals your four kings are chump cards to your opponent's four aces. Now that is a bad beat!

A bad beat is when your good poker hand is beat by an even better poker hand. It can really cause a terrible reaction and gut your confidence. It is rare, but indeed a part of the game of poker both at the land based poker table and online.

What is your worst bad beat story? Some stories will make a grown man weep and are the stuff of Hollywood movie legends. Many poker lovers are sharing their worst in the online forums to soften the pain and commiserate with fellow bad beat hands.

What exactly is a bad beat hand? A bad beat hand is subjective; after all, it wasn't good enough to win the pot. Casino Royale showed Le Chiffre lose his full house to James Bond's straight flush. That's a big bad beat.

As a poker player is a student of mathematical odds, they will remember that a bad beat will happen. It is not the common story in poker, and no reason to abandon your strategy. As the world of online poker grows leaps and bounds, it is important to remember that bad beats exist in the land based casinos and online.

In fact, to help with the bad feelings from bad beat draws, some casinos have created bad beat jackpots. By taking a small rake over a period of time, the casino can have a side pot for the best bad beat loss. Check out what the casino will consider a winning bad beat hand to take their bad beat jackpot.